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Statement, May 27th 2007

Let’s give the welcome they deserve to Bush and his hosts: the Vatican and the government of Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti!

No to war, to military spending, to luxury and wasting of rich people, of Vatican and Church!

Let’s prevent the government of Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti to realize its anti-popular politics!

Let’s struggle to increase salaries and pensions, for the social security!

Let’s struggle against Left and Right bourgeoisie’s common program!


Every passing day Prodi’s government shows more clearly its anti-popular nature. Its mask of friend-of-workers government has thrown off. It presented itself as “less worse” than the former government, but it does nothing but continuing the politics of Berlusconi’ s gang: wastes and luxuries for rich people, sky high military spending, lavish wages and incomes for officials and spokespersons of the regime, that is politicians of any colour, managers of State, industries, enterprises, banks, insurance companies, local administrations. The Vatican and its Church are exonerated from any tax. Rich people and enterprises evade taxation or avoid it. Starvation wages and pensions, sky high rents, growing bills, high cost of living. Nazis treatment of immigrants. Growing precariousness, lack of security, marginalization and crimes. Meanwhile the country’s physical structures go to pieces: the waste is not disposed of, and water regulation and defence from landslides have been completely abandoned. Under the pretext of climatic change and other general reasons, the bourgeoisie justifies calamities and epidemics caused by its profits and its social order. On the international level, the government nor sets an example nor mobilize itself for pushing other governments into remedying the general evils. On national level, it uses them as a pretext for masking the collapse to which the Democratic Christian regime has driven Italy. The G8 serves only for plotting new wars, new sanctions for whom do not submit to US imperialists’ will, new ways for increasing rich people’s profits and workers’ precariousness.

Now the other tycoon Montezemolo follows Berlusconi’s footprints. He goes on the stages as if till now he had been nowhere, as if he too is a common proletarian with nor power nor say. He pretends to play a new act: “Industrialists and entrepreneurs, capitalists as Montezemolo, Berlusconi, Colaninno, Tronchetti Provera, Profumo, De Benedetti, Draghi, are the best people and capable technicians. Things are going wrong because of politics, officials and politicians”. But it was quite they, the masters, who agreed with Vatican and USA for setting on the saddle these politicians. State high politicians, generals, high magistrates are all their family men. They delegate them to govern the country at their service. Even the Vatican, that for sixty years has controlled, manipulated, directed, done and undone every government, today is moaning more and more aloud: it is government’s fault that there are more poor, more people in trouble, an increasing moral crisis. Vatican and masters must indicate scapegoats, because the system is completely unsound and popular masses’ discontent is growing.

Prodi’s government is the scapegoat on duty. All the evil they tell about this government is plain truth, but it is not the only one responsible, owing to the fact that it is in office only for one year! This government continued only to do what Berlusconi’s government was doing. It does what masters want, what Vatican, US imperialists, Israeli Zionist order to do. It is precisely carrying out the work begun by Berlusconi’s government: it steals retirement bonuses, destroys the social security, builds the second US base at Vicenza and the High Speed Train in Susa Valley, lets rot the waste on the roads, lets go on the hydro geologic ruin of the country, contracts for production of F35 bombers (Prodi’s government undertook to buy them for an amount between 20 and 30 billions euros), increases military spending. All the latest governments cooperated in the chain of blood and slaughters with the participation of Italian mercenaries in the imperialist aggression against Arabian and Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, etc.). Its withdrawal from Iraq is a masquerade. Prodi’s government continues to finance the puppet government and its foreign abettors. It sent to Lebanon its mercenaries to defend US and Zionist protectorate upon the country: Zionist airplanes keep on flying over the country and UN mercenaries try to suffocate silently the Resistance forces. Amato, Minister of Interior, launches his “anti-terrorism campaigns” for concealing government wrongdoings, for diverting attention from the crimes of rich people, of Vatican, of US imperialists, of Zionists, for making forget the undeclared extermination war by which they murder, cripple, physically and morally deform so much of the population.

There is no money for wages and pensions, but it never lacks for wars and F35. There is no money for wages and pensions, but rich people’s incomes and businesses’ profits are increasing. There is no money for wages and pensions, but Vatican and its Church still do not pay taxes. They say that GDP is growing, but who’s GDP are they talking about? In Italy there are two nations, so what nation are they talking about? The rich people’s and Church’s richness is increasing. The condition of the population mass is worsening, This is the program the bourgeoisie wants to impose to the country. It is the program of Prodi and Berlusconi, Padoa Schioppa and Monti, Tronchetti Provera and Colaninno, Profumo and Bazoli, Draghi and Passera, Montezemolo and Ratzinger, Olmert and Bush, Left and Right bourgeoisie.

The vanguard workers and the Left of the popular masses must call the population mass to demonstrate and rebel against this program, against every expression and measure of this program, to prevent or at least curb its realization. The strikes of metal workers against Prodi’s government show the way to follow.

The protest of the popular masses of Campania, the struggle against the US base at Vicenza, the demonstration of 17th March at Rome against war and against Prodi’s government, the struggle in Susa Valley against the High Speed Train are going towards the same direction. On 9th June let’s give the welcome they deserve to Bush and his hosts, the Vatican and the government Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti!

Surely, if Vatican, USA and Italian Manufacturers’ Association will realize that with Prodi’s government they do not get what they want, they will try to establish another government for doing the same things. Actually, the common program doesn’t depend on the government: it is not the government that did it. It is the program of Vatican and US imperialists, of all great Italian masters and bankers, of generals and high officials of private sector and State. The government in office has only to carry it out. That is why it is necessary to prevent Prodi’s government and following ones to realize such a program. But it is more necessary that all vanguard workers and members of the popular masses unite themselves and mibilze the popular masses for building a future for our country. It is completely possible to get out from the decay and nightmare into which 60 years of masters’ regime under the high direction of Vatican plunged our country. We need a new and different social order. It needs that enterprises cease to produce profits.

They had to produce goods and services useful for population’s welfare. Workers had to operate in dignified conditions: security, hygiene, reduction of pollution must be the objectives according to which every enterprise and its managers will be evaluated. We need to reorganize transport in order to reduce pollution, with public transport efficient, of good level and free for all. House is a right as the air we breathe.

We need to confiscate rich people’s villas and palaces, and lodge there those who have unhealthy houses or no house at all. We need to reorganize all productive forces of the country, material means, science, research, labor force and productive capabilities of all the people in order to serve to population’s welfare. It is quite possible. Who does not agree? Rich people and regime profiteers, Vatican and its Church, all the parasites who waste sponging on workers, US and Zionist imperialists who use our country as a base for their plots and aggressions.

The new Italian Communist party calls all vanguard workers and popular masses’ members to mobilize and unite themselves for a radical and realistic program of renewal of our country and our society. Half measures, illusions, hopes in men of this regime, in its accomplices and in this ruling class’ sons bring nowhere. Prodi’s circus and its government have the merit of having more clarified it. Who doubted about it, now have had and are having the proof day by day. We need to unite ourselves and to create a front able to seize the power from this ruling class, able to impose a new social order to the supporters, the profiteers and the collaborators of this rotten and corrupted regime.

We can win. The struggle will be certainly hard and long, but the victory is sure if we shall persist in the struggle following a right orientation.


Let’s go on in the struggle against the Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti’s government!

Let’s give the welcome they deserve to Bush and his hosts: the Vatican and the Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti’s government!

US imperialism is trying to do on international level what the German Nazism tried to do on a European level! The Vatican and the Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti’s government are its accomplices!

Zionism is the Hebrew version of Nazism!

Let’s build a wide front collecting and strengthening all the forms of the popular masses’ resistance to the advancing of capitalism general crisis!

Solidarity with all the people who rebel against this rotten and murderous social order!

Let’s support the progressive people and the American Left who struggle against the preventive war and the program of world domination of US imperialism!

Solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, resisting against imperialist aggression!

Solidarity with the revolutionary popular war advancing in Nepal, India, Philippines, Turkey, Peru and in other countries!

The popular masses’ mobilization is the decisive weapon for preventing the bourgeoisie from realizing with the Prodi’s circus what it wasn’t able to realize with Berlusconi’s gang!

The strengthening of the Communist Party from the clandestinity is the decisive drive that grows the popular masses’ mobilization and its highest outcome!

Let’s build in every enterprise, in every neigh borough, in every mass organization a clandestine committee of the new PCI!

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